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So if you have visited Haze Ice Cream recently you will see a slight change, the ice creams are awesome as usual but the accents behind the counter have changed!

When we found Jessie & Amy (read their story below) had decided to sell we were intrigued, at the time we were in England and wanted to have a better life for us and our daughter.  We flew over in February and guess what as soon as we tasted the ice cream we were in love!

We went home and decided to close our UK business then start the process of coming to the USA. At the end of May we visited the US Embassy in London and were told the fantastic news that we could proceed with the purchase of Haze, we sold everything we owned and arrived in Indian Shores with only 5 suitcases.  We want to thank Jessie & Amy for believing in us enough to wait and for all of you awesome customers and fans of Haze for welcoming us not only to the store but to the neighbourhood.

Look out for more fantastic ice creams including the new range of vegan flavours in-store. If you want to see what’s new then head over to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hazeicecream/



Jessie and Amy’s Story – How Haze began….


This little adventure of ours started with a road trip to the Rocky Mountains and the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota in June of 2014. While in Denver on a stormy Sunday, I just had to visit a local ice cream shop that was listed as ‘one of the best in America’ according to some unnamed list. So after the threat of tornadoes and rain has passed, we went to a little shop called Sweet Action Ice Cream. We arrived at about 8:30 in the evening. The closest parking was at least two blocks away, we immediately wondered if this ice cream was worth the walk. Once we rounded the corner of the building, we noticed the line was out the door. Again, we wondered if the ice cream was worth the wait! But we did wait. And when we got close enough to see the menu board we were intrigued by the simple-ness of the shop and the interesting flavor combinations. I tasted a few but finally decided on a decadent, sweet and salty salted caramel. It was like heaven in my mouth! Jessie’s go-to flavor is always vanilla so he got his usual, a vanilla shake. All of the few seats in the shop were full so we indulged in our creamy selections outside. The ice cream was absolutely delicious! Jessie asked, “Why can’t we do something like this?” I dismissed the question with an “I don’t know” response. On a motorcycle when you’re on the road, there’s little time to talk so that leaves lots of time with your own thoughts. Jessie spent a LOT of that time thinking about our ice cream experience in Denver.

While visiting Sturgis, SD he suggested we become vendors and sell ice cream to the thousands of visitors to the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally and then to other venues around the nation, which would give us income while allowing us to live our dream of travelling this great United States of America. We continued to discuss it even when we returned back home but I didn’t expend too much energy on it. After all, we were already living the American dream with our careers (I am a Registered Dietitian and Jessie worked as a heavy equipment operator for two wonderful companies), our house in a quiet suburb of Kansas City, MO, and our families close by. I was comfortable with my life. Thank God Jessie was not! He began researching and persisted in trying to convince me that making a complete life change was a good idea.

Just a few weeks after our trip ended we decided to put our house up for sale. Astonishingly, it sold less than a week after it was listed. We couldn’t stop now! We stayed with family while we continued to plan our business. By the end of 2014 we had a spot booked to vend at the Sturgis rally and a couple of state fairs. We even designed a mobile vending unit and bought a small truck camper to live in while on the road. We had planned on vending for a few years then retiring to Panama City Beach, Florida, where we had vacationed several times. In January, we attended a seminar put on by Emery Thompson, the company that makes the batch freezer we would eventually purchase to make our homemade creations. We drove our camper to Florida and stayed in the Tampa Bay area for a few days to attend the seminar.

Driving up and down Gulf Boulevard between the Clearwater and St. Pete beaches ignited a longing to see the gulf waters and palm trees every day. Further, the temperatures were in the 70’s in January! That just does not happen in Kansas City. In February we travelled back to the area and by the end of the month we had a contract on our current location and had found a cute little condo to rent very close by.

We officially opened on July 1st 2015 and have never looked back! We are truly living our dream, living in paradise and working together every day. We have met so many lovely people along the journey and are blessed to be able to serve people in our own way. The hardest part of this process was leaving our daughter and grandson…but, of course, they plan on visiting often. Our story is proof that your dreams are never too far out of reach, just look at how far we’ve come after a casual conversation one stormy day in Denver!